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De-risking therapeutic development

There are many unmet medical needs, especially the 7,000 rare genetic diseases that affect over 30 million Americans. Despite, enormous scientific progress the success rate for programs developing novel therapies has not increased commensurately.  The failure rates are so high that the ROI trajectory for biopharma continues to decline, reaching 1.2% in 2022 as reported by Deloitte.

What are the main addressable causes for failure?


- Target characterization

- Lack of biomarkers

What if we could precisely and accurately characterize and quantify new targets at the inception of a program?

What if we could provide precise and accurate quantitative biomarker assays from program inception?


The platform developed by Dr Ian Blair at the University of Pennsylvania can answer these questions. We know that, because of its impact on programs developing curative therapies for Friedreich’s Ataxia.

Precise Proteomics was founded to scale the platform.


Precise proteomics, the concept and platform, and Precise Proteomics, the company can transform the probability of success in therapeutic discovery and development and enable precise deployment of therapies to the right patients, enabling precision medicine.

Pharmacia-ASPET Award for Experimental Therapeutics 2023

Our Team.

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